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Nothing Has Gone to Plan....
 So Now What Do We Do?

As the energies shift in ways we could not imagine, we find ourselves reeling at times.  Many of our personal dreams and goals have gone askew.  And what about our dreams for World Peace, for a planet living in Harmony where all share their gifts as we move to state of higher consciousness?

Now, more than ever we must take responsibility, embrace our ability to respond to our own internal judgments, fears and limitations.  As much as we would like to point the finger at circumstance or at someone else, it truly does not serve purpose.  As the planet continues to raise her vibration and release cellular memory, our own issues are being stimulated big time.  If we resist and judge what comes up, we only create more chaos and dis-ease in our personal lives.  This ripples forth in the atmosphere of thought that permeates our planet.  Thoughts and feelings create our reality.

Imagine, for a moment, that all the perceived negative demonstrations we encounter are really a reflection of what we came here to heal within ourselves.  Imagine that these are people who are doing their job, the job they agreed to in Spirit, which is to stimulate us so we can clear the paradigms of separation that hold the judgments, fears and limitations in place.  

There is no spiritual hierarchy to save us.  That perception was dismantled at the Harmonic Convergence.  Each is just as significant as the other.  Yes, spirit is energizing.  Our spirits are energizing that we navigate this intersection by loving and nurturing ourselves, by embracing the darkness within, and by remembering who we are….who I AM.  At our very core we are LOVE, unconditional and unlimited.  We each have the ability to be the candle that lights the darkened room…the pebble that sends forth ripples of Love and Peace in the pond of humanity.

Easier said than done, you say!  And yes, what is simple is not often easy to facilitate.   The energy is intense right now.   We are often swimming in waves of sludge.  And there are wonderful waves of Light, hope and inspiration.  Where we put our attention is where we will attract our experiences.

So how do we navigate this intersection as the energies of cosmos are realigning?  We Love and nurture ourselves.  That means paying attention to ALL aspects of our being, our physical bodies, our human consciousness (mind, ego and subconscious) and to all levels of our spirit.  We surrender to the healing journey we have intended for ourselves and embrace our darkness.  We focus on our dreams, not letting them succumb to the negative energies around us, but allowing them to ‘reform’ and take on new and renewed direction.  We consciously seek to see the divinity and purpose served in all around us.  We reach out and collaborate with others on the journey, not to sympathize and feed the negative energies, but to find compassion and understanding and support one another to remember our personal and collective dreams.  

There are simple, everyday tools to assist us.  I suggest that each begins their day with a few quiet minutes of internal reflection:

1.Take three deep cleansing breaths.  
2.See your physical body grounded to the very core of the
3.Connect to your Heart.
4.State your intention, inviting the highest essence of your Spirit
  to guide you in every moment.
5.Affirm that you are creating grace, ease, gentleness and Joy as
  you release your darkness and integrate your Light.

Consciously create what you desire to experience.  My Brothers and Sisters, our dreams are very much alive and are ready to be remembered and brought into present time.  Be one with your Spirit. Be one with the Spirit of all Creation.  Energize your physical experience with renewed commitment and Love yourself unconditionally.

For more detailed guidelines, visit  Tools for Peace.
Nothing Has Gone to Plan.
So Now What Do We Do?
By Carolyn Gregory

The Journey Home
By Francine Wunk

Reflections on Peace
By Kristin Reese
Reflections on Peace

The Journey Home

"In the Beginning Was the Word, And the Word was with God, and the Word Was God.  John 1:1”  There was Creator God, existing in a state of totality, existing in a state of unconditional love for itself.  Creator God Has it all, felt it all, loved it all, was all.  And yet, Creator God wanted to experience more of itself, wanted to know more of who it was, wanted to verify itself.  How could it be possible to do this, for it knew that this was uncharted territory.  Creator God, in its knowingness, developed a plan.  What-if, ah, those what-ifs—it’s possible to separate into billions of pieces and play a game, with rules, so that each piece would have total allowance and unconditional love and support to do whatever it wanted.  Since Creator was just that anyway—unconditional love and total allowance, why not then breathe the “breath of life” into each of these billions of itself.  It was, of course, a creation of life forms that had never been attempted before.  Thus Humans came into being so many years ago.

Each was to have Free Will to experience anything and do whatever it wanted.  A neutral energy would flow from Creator through each human form and then it would have the opportunity to use this Free Will to decide how to use its own energy—to either put love or fear onto this energy—to put either love or fear into each of its creations; love being heart-based, which is the connection to Creator God and all humans, and fear being outside of the heart in forms that demonstrate separation from fellow humans—hate, envy, jealousy, anger, control over, drama, etc.  Each human would create a lifetime on Earth to understand the lessons of how to use this neutral energy from Creator, either being heart-centered or not, and then the physical form would die, or transition, into its non-physical aspect to contemplate what happened during its life in the physical and the lessons it had learned.  After completing this life review and the lessons learned, a cycle was completed and all was cleared out of its memory banks—thus it was ready to start another round of life on Earth within the field of energy from Creator, a crystalline field of pure love and unconditional allowance.

All was proceeding as planned by Creator—it’s aspects were experiencing much for it to contemplate, including anger, hate, rage, killings, lust, romance, love and procreation.  And as an aspect of itself would create something new, Creator was happy to experience it also.  The first birth of another human occurred—ah, human had discovered their sex organs!  And then the first killing occurred—when one wanted to experience death and the other wanted to experience what it felt like to kill.  Life was a Garden of Eden—Heaven on Earth.

At some point, however, one aspect of God did something that had never been done before.  While in it’s non-human form of contemplating its physical life and lessons, this aspect did not complete a total understanding and clearing.  In other words, it left some unresolved energy within its body system about what it had created on Earth, and was born back into a physical form with this energy still within its cellular memory.  Thus Karma was created—karma being an aspect of energy that still needed to be cleared and now this human had to clear it in physical form rather than in its non-physical form.  Others gathered around this oddity and at some point a collective agreement was made—to begin something new, to intentionally create Karma.  So it was agreed to create a new rule to the game—to create a veil between the physical and non-physical.  This veil would create forgetfulness of what lessons or energy one would come back with when transitioning to the physical form from the non-physical.  Could one create a scenario where the person you had enslaved the lifetime before now got to enslave you—to undo the karma?

Thus was created a new energy field to live within while on Earth—electromagnetic energy, with negative and positive polarities.  And a new aspect of the game was added while playing within this energy and this veil of forgetfulness—an end goal, to get as far away from Creator God as possible, to the point while on the Earthly plane, where each was in total forgetfulness of the fact that one had come from Creator God—that we are all connected, that we are from one source.  This would only be remembered when one was in the non-physical form or if one “awakened” to this understanding while still in the physical body.

So here we are, these human aspects of Creator God.  Humans have played the game and played it well.  We have created every rule, lesson and experience imaginable.  Didn’t we create Religion and Churches to separate us from Creator?  Many variations of the Church and the Bible were created to challenge us.  That was fun.  Religions and sects came into existence over the centuries, each profession to be privy to the “real” God.  Follow my religion for we have the true connection to God!  We have created many names for Creator God and gave it particular characteristics—Krishna, Buddha, Allah, The Father.  The Catholic Church of Rome, one of the largest creations of a religious sect on the Earth, pushed its beliefs onto many.  “Only the Catholic Church can hear God, and is that father figure angry at us!  So be a good Catholic, attend church regularly and confess your sins so that you aren’t like the others who don’t belong to this church and are damned to “eternal hell”.  Give us most of your money to ensure that you are saved.”  Hell, damnation and fear were and are the name of the Religious games.  Each person from each religion was taught that he/she would experience some judgment from God at the end, or some “credits” for fighting wars to inflict their “true” God on the others.  The Crusades were created to take up this cause and how wonderfully religious and courageous to march into those other countries in the name of God.  Didn’t the whole world need to be “saved”?  And, how about all of those heathens that were found in the landmasses that were to be called the Americas—didn’t they also need to be converted or eliminated if they didn’t attend church and change their ways?  The Spaniards raised their hands and volunteered to do the job.  It would be a grand adventure they all agreed.  Let’s not forget about the pagans, witches, and Celtics, in both Europe and the Americas, didn’t they need to be killed because those were the stubborn ones and wouldn’t listen.  It was fun to throw them to the lions and burn them at the stake!  And those long-suffering Jews—how many centuries did they need to play the victim. They wouldn’t even buy into the “new testament” and the story of God sending his only begotten son to Earth to atone for the sins of mankind.  And their holidays, Holy-days, were so different also.  Let’s include the Muslims also.  Aren’t these wars of converting, power over, and death to ones who don’t believe in “The True God” still going on today?

We have gone through many ages with this experiment that has taken us from the Ice Age to the Space Age.  Many on Mother Earth keep projecting more of the same, another age and then another.  In reality, we are at the end of the cycle that started so many eons ago, over 852 billion years.  We are at the End Times—the end of the game of separation from Source.  And now, not only are humans and the Earth and its solar system ascending, the entire Universes are in Ascension mode because of this grand experiment on Earth.  Many have attained Ascension before; Ascension being when one brings all of their being into the physical body—becoming an Ascended Master.  Whole planets have gone through this process and yet now the process is different than ever before.  The possibility of one-third to one-half of the population on Earth becoming Ascended Masters at the same time has the Universe abuzz with excitement and anticipation that something is happening that has never happened before.  Humans on the Earth are awakening to this realization—their veils of forgetfulness are being lifted and awareness of the understanding that all are one with Source, and that this is the End Times.  Not the end of time, just the end of the experiment.

Many are hearing the call of Home--  “I want to go home.”  Just where is this Home?  Don’t we have houses, wives, kids, relatives, cars, jobs and material possessions?  Isn’t this home?  Aren’t we home yet?  The timing is right, we are close to home-- to Source.  One only has to awaken to the understanding that in order to become one with Source, one needs to live on this Earth and be in this Ascension mode and at the same time still live within the creation of Mass Consciousness-- Mass Consciousness being the whole of what humans still believe life is about.  

How does one do this after awakening?  The process is do-able—heal yourself, heal the pain within, heal the way one treats others, forgive yourself, stop judging yourself and others and re-analyze the rules that have been created thus far by humans.  Develop your own understanding of the rules and of your truth.  “You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free.”  John 8:32  Especially grasp the main rule created by Creator God, the Golden Rule.  Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. 
Most of the human-made rules, laws and with these, institutions, created through the centuries have been based on greed, fear and power-over.  They were made to keep humans in line-- no getting out of line or coloring outside the lines!  Everything will eventually shift and change as new, higher frequencies of Creator God energy comes onto the Earth.  Governments, schools, churches, corporations, insurance companies, the stock market, the military, and the medical professions, for example, will all change to reflect more ethical and caring attitudes.  All are experiencing changes and readjustments presently.  The Diocese of Boston and those church scandals, our electoral system and voting system, and the justice system are shifting.  Who actually did win the last election in the United States?  Many allopathic doctors are now incorporating alternative healing methods into their practices because they are seeing the need to heal their patients with more than just traditional pills and surgery.  All four body systems-- the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, are all connected and need to be addressed together as illness occurs.  People are awakening and calling out to end the wars and killings of fellow humans.  “Let’s live in peace” millions around the world are saying.  Let’s care about each other.  The world is in a grand state of Change.  Change and shifting is the order of the day—whether it be within these institutions or within the individual. 

Mother Earth also has been awakening and changing within the increased God energy that is coming into our Solar System.  Since 1987 and the Harmonic Convergence, when the planets lined up to herald in this new energy, her veil of forgetfulness was also lifted and she has been clearing herself of all of the pain and hurt that she took on over the eons of time.  Oh, those aspects of herself, those humans made of her flesh and blood.  Didn’t a good Mother have to nurture them for centuries, taking on their fear and pain as they lay dying, so many times at the hands of themselves or others?  Didn’t she say, “you are me, I love you, let me take our pain and make it better?”  Now, however, Mother Earth is clearing herself by releasing all of this pain—all of our pain, and this energy is coming through and affecting our human bodies day and night.  She is cleaning house.  Alas, most human bodies are blocked with their own pain and “stuffed stuff”, not only from this lifetime but from all of the lifetimes that they have experienced.  Many bodies are in the state of self-created dis-easement—disease-ment with their judgments, fears, hatreds, envy, jealousies, and don’t forget all of the rules that have been stuffed into the subconscious by the church, family, government and other authority figures.  When the emotional and spiritual bodies are not healed on a continual basis as this “stuff” comes up for understanding and clearing, the physical body eventually takes on the job—pain and disease happens.

The good news is that as each human does awaken, he or she is given help from others that have awakened before them—from, guides, teachers and healers that show up in a person’s life to help each remember who they are, and help with the healing and release all that has been stored for so many centuries.  The “head” remembrance system comes onto each new baby body and holds all of the cellular memories of the unresolved issues from all other lifetimes.  Ever wonder why that head on a baby is so big?  

Physician heal thyself.   Find those who have already awakened, read the books, listen to the CDs, take classes and get the support, mentorship, tools and information needed to start your healing process and to discover your own truth.  Do the work.  Change comes from within-- only you can heal yourself.  Especially understand that the Heart system needs to be accessed.  For there in the heart exists Creator God, where it always was, and where we have always been connected.  “The Kingdom of God is Within You”.  Luke 17:21  Heal that pain and denseness that exists around the heart system.  Be willing to diligently do the work to get there, the journey back to the heart.  Be the demonstration of unconditional love and total allowance.  Find peace within yourself.  Become an awakened aspect of Creator God.  Learn to love and nurture yourself, to turn off the self-critical chatter within the analytical mind.  Bring the ego system back into the heart and thank it for a job well done.  The ego was created to protect us and yet it gradually came to separate us from each other.  I’m better than you.  

Create kindness and caring within yourself first and then give this gift to all that you daily interact with.  Remember, all means ALL.  Old, young, sick, rich and poor people, the birds, cats, mice, rats, lions, bears, wolves, insects, fish, blades of grass, rocks, trees, and grains of sand are also from and are connected to Creator God.  Respect is the name of this new game.  

ALL ARE ONE.  As One Heals, We All Heal.  As you heal yourself, you contribute to the healing of the Oneness.  And don’t forget the beggar and the drunk on the street, and the ones so hurt that they cry out for help to us each day.   Heal yourself and then take time to offer a hand to them as well.

Wake Up.  Be Aware.  Be Conscious.  Be Accountable.  We Are One and So It Is.   
....What does this simple statement really mean?  Is it possible that World Peace truly begins with each of us as individuals?  Is it possible that World Peace is not up to our religious leaders, politicians and those holding the riches of our world?  YES!

Within each and every one of us lies the dream to experience peace, laugher and prosperity in our world.  Dreams were meant to be lived.  To live the dreams that exist outside the conditions of society we must expand our perceptions to see, to feel the possibilities that are all around us.  World Peace is possible.  We have the ability to make this dream a reality and it begins right now with you and me.

The Dream of Peace is alive.  It is up to us as individuals to allow the dream to be expressed, beginning first within our own lives.  It is here that the ripple begins that touches our families, our communities, our nations and our world.

Peace is not a concept that can be mandated or enforced and fighting for Peace is self-defeating.  It is what builds walls between people and nations.  To experience Peace is to BE Peace.  When we are expressing Peace within our own lives, there is no need or desire to create conflict in our outer world.  The conflicts we experience as a Whole Humanity are a reflection of our inner conflicts.  World Peace is not achieved through finger pointing or blame of another's beliefs, but through unity, compassion and understanding.

We have the right - We have the ability to choose Peace in every moment!  When we choose to express Peace we become a Voice of Peace, breathing our inspiration into the Heart of Humanity.  Our ripples have the power to gently encourage reflection and right action.

We ALL want to feel secure.  We ALL want to feel accepted.  We ALL want to feel loved.  No one, nothing can make us feel this way.  To feel loved is to love ourselves, unconditionally.  To feel accepted is to accept ourselves, unconditionally.  To feel secure is to remember who we truly are, to embrace the natural state of our being...Unconditional Love, Peace and Harmony...for this is what lives within the Heart of All.

You may be asking yourself, then who is to blame for the state of our world?  This question leaves the door wide open to judging who or what we feel is at fault for the dysfunctions of our societies.  Blame has been proven ineffective time and time again as a means to truly resolve the issues, the conflicts at hand.  We are the only ones who can make a different choice - a choice to embrace our diversity, to focus on harmonious decisions and the graceful evolution out of conflict.

It is judgment (blame) that will continue to perpetuate more chaos, more destruction and more loss of physical life.  It is the collective presence of humanity that continues to choose what and how we will experience our lives, our journey and our evolution as a Whole Humanity.  The change begins within each of us and it begins now.

Everything is energy.  All is either love or fear.  Love creates.  Fear destroys.  It is our choice whether our thoughts, feelings and actions are based in Love or Fear.

Where there is Fear, there is not Love ~ Where there is Love, there is not Fear.

It is important that we each take personal responsibility (using our ability to respond) for our voice and our presence within the collective body that is humanity.  This is how we can effectively assist in the healing of our communities, our nations and our world.  Through expressing compassion for those struggling in the face of their own fears and speaking truth from our hearts we are empowering positive change.

Humanity is in need of many Voice of Peace.  Humanity needs to hear from those speaking of working together, of our equality and the power of our unity.

Remember the responsible creator that you are!  Express the Dream of Peace that is alive in your heart and touch the world with your light!

And so it is with love that I invite you to join me on the journey of expressing and experiencing World Peace and Harmony.  I invite you to send out your Ripples of Peace all across our globe...I invite you to remember who you truly are...I invite you to believe in the possibilities...

World Peace & Harmony Begins with One...
World Peace & Harmony is Achieved Through Us ALL!!