Peace begins within.  As we view the larger picture of the evolution of humanity, we must acknowledge that real change begins within each individual.

The tools offered will assist each to find inner peace, centeredness and that unique connection to the heart where truth resides.

With dedication and practice, you will find they become automatic.  They are not separate, but an integrated whole, working in concert.  They are your toolbox to assist you with daily challenges and bring conscious awareness and choice to your journey. 

Universal Voices of Peace
Tools For Peace
Grounding is the conscious act of connecting yourself to the crystal core of the planet, your highest essence and your Heart center.

It is an action and a state of being.  Grounding is a spiritual connection.

Grounding allows the physical body to be connected to Earth's frequencies in present time.  This makes the body feel "safe" and connected.  Changes are easier to handle.

Grounding puts you in touch with where your body is, what it needs in present time.

Grounding harmonizes the spiritual connection between GOD, yourself, and Earth.  When the physical is grounded, it is easier to ground yourself to higher vibrations and your Heart Center.

Grounding enhances your ability to move through your day with certainty, joy, and enthusiasm.

Grounding Exercise

The following exercise guides you on how to consciously establish your connection to Earth and your Heart.  You may expand upon this technique and use it at any time.  It is strongly recommended that you integrate grounding into every aspect of your daily life.

1. Create a quiet and comfortable space for your body.

2. Settle into your chair with your feet flat on the floor and  your hands resting comfortably in your lap and facing  skyward.

3. State your intention that you want to connect to the center of the planet, the crystal core of Earth Mother.

4. Take three deep cleansing breaths. 

5. Visualize a connection from the base of your spine to the  center of the planet.  This can be a ribbon of light, a  waterfall, tree roots, a lightning bolt, rings of connected daisies, anything that resonates with you.  Let this be your unique connection.

6. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel this connection.

7. Allow your tensions, thoughts and distractions to fall away.

8. Feel yourself settling into your body.

9. Keep breathing deeply throughout this exercise and allow the thoughts and images that come up to pass through.

10. When you feel centered and peaceful, visualize a Golden Sun of energy above your head.  Allow this warm, golden light to flood into the top of your head, spreading throughout every cell in your body, filling you with the  energy of your highest essence.

Grounding and Breathing are very interconnected.
The Deep Breathing Meditation expands and enhances grounding, centering yourself and creating conscious intention in your life.
Deep Breathing Exercise
An exercise in Peace
We encourage that you are sitting in a comfortable position for this exercise with your feet flat on the floor and your hands open to the sky...It is possible to create a shortened breathing exercise that can be done any time and anywhere (driving, cooking, working, taking care of children).  You can use the following template and make whatever changes are appropriate for you.  The more you are investing and personalizing the three deep breaths the easier it will become for you to assimilate the technique and derive the greatest benefit for you.

The exercise will assist you to ground yourself, release stress, tension and anxiety while re-connecting with the presence of your heart and your constant expression of peace within.

Breath One:
Take your first cleansing breath deep into your belly, holding it as long as possible.
When you release this breath, push out with great intensity - feel the muscles in your stomach pushing out your breath...

As you release this breath, visualize your constant connection to Mother Earth.  Allow your body to feel your unique connectedness to humanity and your role here.  Allow the chatter of the day or any negative thoughts, feelings or experiences to fall away.  Breathe and relax into present time.

Breath Two:
Take your second deep breath deep into your belly, holding it as long as possible.
When you release this breath, push out with great intensity.

As you release this breath, visualize an environment that represents peace, comfort, and tranquility for you.  Take a moment to feel this environment and then put yourself in the picture!  Allow this tranquil environment to ease your mind.  Go ahead ~ Relax!

Breath Three:
Take your third cleansing breath deep into your belly, holding it as long as possible.
When you release this breath, push out with great intensity.

As you release this breath, take a moment to focus your attention on what it is that you truly desire to experience.  Allow yourself to be aware of the possibilities and what actions are appropriate for you to take in present time that will empower the experience of your desires.
If we have no peace,
it is because
we have forgotten
that we belong to each other.

~Mother Teresa
Intentions & Affirmations
Creating your reality

Intention is an essential and powerful tool.  Stating intention before rising in the morning, as you get ready for sleep, before meditation and at different intersections throughout your day will assist you to "set the energy" for all your interactions.

Statements of intention are a reminder to your conscious and unconscious mind of what you want to experience and manifest in your life.  They are an acknowledgment and invitation to the different aspects of your being to participate in all your interactions. 

Stating intention encourages internal harmony.

Affirmations are similar to intention.  Affirmations help you maintain a focus of drawing forward positive energy. Regularly stating positive affirmations empower your human conssiousness, assisting you to stay centered, focused, grounded and aware.

"Intention is the core of all conscious life....
Conscious intention colors and moves everything."

Master Hsing Yun
Intentions & Affirmations....

It is my intention that I am breathing in and out Unconditional Love

It is my intention that I am expressing the Peace of
my Heart

I am honoring the purpose of everyone and everything

I let go of the need to judge myself and others

I affirm my right and desire to experience peaceful & harmonious relationships in all my interactions

It is my intention that I am loving myself in every moment

It is my intention that I am creating balance and harmony in all  my interactions

It is my intention that I am creating JOY in every moment

I am at Peace with myself

I am whole, healthy, and vibrant

I am prosperous

I am loving and LOVEable.

I am worthy
I am a Voice of Peace!

  • Connects you to the Wisdom and Guidance of your Highest Essence.
  • Nurtures the physical and creates a space for healing and releasing negativity and stress.
  • Provides the educational backdrop to obtain guidance and connect to Universal Wisdom (Divine Mind).
  • Brings you into present time and aligns all aspects of your being.
  • Energizes your dreams and desires.

Meditation can be free form, guided, or determined by your specific intention.  It is important for the body to feel comfortable.  You are encouraged to enhance your physical space.  Add scent, candles, and/or music.  Create a special area that is physically pleasing to you.  Set aside uninterrupted time for your meditation.  Allow at least 11 minutes and expand this to thirty three minutes, then to an hour. 

Specifically guided meditation can be focused on healing, relaxation, or gaining understanding about something.  Whether you are doing a silent or guided meditation:

  • Invite Spirit to participate.  State your intention to connect to your Highest Essence.
  • Use the Breathing techniques and Ground yourself.

Active Meditation

Many experience the same benefits of quiet meditation when they walk, swim, run, cycle or do yoga.  If you enjoy any of these activities, state your intention before beginning.  This is a good time to state affirmations.

Do not substitute active meditation for quiet meditation.  Use it to enhance your ability to quiet yourself, go within, communicate, heal and receive wisdom.

The Peace I create within reflects outward.

Inner Reflection and Healing
Within each of the different aspects of our being there is a voice – a voice that wants, that needs to be heard.  Each moment is an opportunity that we have created to make different choices and decisions than we have in the past.  Each moment is an opportunity to empower our thoughts and our feelings to express and experience what we truly desire.

There is the Mental Body that at times wants so much for life to make logical sense.  This is an aspect of ourselves that is often like the busy bee, gathering information, categorizing data and using the facts and figures to as the basis for decisions.

There is the Ego that has been conditioned to protect us – protect us from harm, from pain and from others.  It is important to understand that the ego is not a part of our self that can be destroyed or discounted.  Ego is a valuable asset in all of our interactions when it is brought into the heart and taught to remember what it is to express and experience love without conditions.

There is the Sub-Conscious Mind that holds the memories of our past experiences.  This aspect of our self can sometimes seem tricky, because the voice of the subconscious is based on all of our past experiences.  If we are carrying old hurts and unresolved wounds the memories of the sub-conscious can make it seem like we have shot off our foot, when in reality we have only stubbed our toe.

The Emotional Body is truly the expression of our thoughts.  It is the emotional body that desires to feel secure, to feel accepted…to feel loved.  The only way we can feel these things is to create the thoughts that empower a sense of love for our self.  To feel accepted by others is to first accept ourselves as we have been, as we are and as who we will be in the next moment.  To love ourselves is to love all the different aspects and components of our self, unconditionally.  From this unconditional love comes absolute security about who and what we are.

The Human Spirit, our human consciousness is the link that connects us to all of our brothers and sisters on our planet.  It is our human spirit that intersects with others and interprets the thoughts of our environment.  Have you ever walked into a room and known that others there were in an angry or elated mood?  This is because your human spirit is communicating with others in your environment and translating the information you are receiving.

Our Whole Spirit, our pure divine essence is the aspect of our self that is completely free and unlimited.  Our Whole Spirit is who we truly are, who we always have been and who we will always be.  Our Whole Spirit is pure unconditional love and a responsible creator. This is the aspect of ourselves that we are remembering in quiet moments of reflection and expressing when we are consciously connected to the joy and freedom of our heart.  When all the different aspects of our human consciousness are joined together in harmony, it is our Whole Spirit that has access to freely express itself here within this physical world.  When we allow this expression, we experience our lives in a continual state of grace, ease, gentleness and joy…

An Exercise in Thought

This is an exercise to do when you want to take some quiet time to make a decision in your life.  The decision can be small or large – either way it is yours to make, to take responsibility for.

  • Sit down in a comfortable place where you can relax…light some candles or incense, play some soothing music and sit back with your feet flat on the floor and your hands open to the sky.
  • Take some deep breaths, deep into your belly (deep breathing) and let go of the stress, the worry and anxiety of your day.  This is your time for you.
  • Take a moment to reflect on the decision that you desire to make.
  • Ask yourself, what does the analytical mind want to say about this decision?  Is this aspect of yourself struggling to rationalize why you should decide one way or the other?  Does this aspect of yourself think it has all the necessary data to make an informed decision?  Can this aspect of yourself trust the guidance of your other aspects?
  • Ask yourself, what does the ego think about the decision you are making?  Is the ego struggling to protect ‘what is yours’?  Does ego feel comfortable in being part of the co-creative process to make a decision that is in alignment with all of yourself?  Is the ego afraid of being hurt, abandoned or broken?  Will your ego allow itself to join in unison with the other parts of yourself to make this decision and others in the future?
  • Ask yourself, what are the memories from my past that feel stimulated by this decision I desire to make.  Does this decision stimulate positive or negative memories?  Am I ready to let the negative memories go to allow room for new memories that are based in unconditional love?
  • Ask yourself, do I feel comfortable with this intersection in my life?  Do I feel prepared to move forward in the way that I want to at this time?  Is my emotional body feeling secure, appreciated, loved and accepted?  Am I feeling anything right now that is connected to my past experiences?  Am I ready to let go and love myself unconditionally?
  • Ask yourself, does my human spirit feel any fear that by making this decision ‘one way or the other’ that I will be judged by people I know?  Do I feel any fear that says I will be judged by people that I do not know?  Do I have a sense that this decision can serve a higher purpose; even one I am unaware of in present time?  Do I feel strong enough to follow through with my decision?  Do the other aspects of myself feel unified with my human spirit?
  • Ask yourself, can I feel the constant connection to my own pure Divine Essence right now?  Do I feel the constant connection to God in my heart?  Will I allow myself to trust the guidance and wisdom that my own Higher Spirit desires to share with me? Will I allow myself to let go of that which no longer serves my own highest purpose?  Will I allow myself the gift of experiencing the pure unconditional love that I truly am?
  • Take this opportunity to thank the different aspects of yourself for sharing their observations, opinions and thoughts with you.  Allow yourself to take all of this communication from you, into your heart and to move forward in a manner that is graceful, gentle, joyful and easy for you.  Trust in the guidance of your heart, your pure spirit and move forward in a state of grace…

Be in Joy…Remember the responsible creator that you are…Remember that you are always connected to pure unconditional love and that all the answers you seek are always present in your heart…Remember that your thoughts are creating everything that you experience and that you are the only one with the ability to make new choices here and now…

Thoughts Create
An Exercise in Thought
The world we have created is a
product of our thinking. 
It cannot be changed without
changing our thinking.

Albert Einstein
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Peace Begins Within
Tools for Experiencing Peace

Everything we experience is based in our beliefs, our thoughts and our feelings.  When our thoughts and feelings are negative, we tend to project and attract similar experiences.  In these instances, we react rather then respond to the situation at hand.  This often creates more negativity (anger, frustration, stress, tension) - none of which feels good.

The tools offered here will assist you not only to deal with these situations in the moment, they will assist you to be more aware of your thoughts and feelings, as well as your environment by being prepared to respond moment  by moment.

To experience Peace requires communication, acceptance, understanding and compassion - first and foremost of your own thoughts and feelings.  Ultimately expressing and experiencing the Peace within will assist you to love and nurture yourself, to express peace of mind, to express the harmony within in all of your relationships, moment by moment.

Humanity is in need of more people to come forward and speak of solutions, to speak of Harmony, to speak of Love, Healing and Compassion.  We need voices that are willing to speak of working together, to speak of Equality and to promote the power of our Unity.