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Join us in supporting World Peace!

A dream that began in the hearts
of just a few individuals
has spread across our planet....

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During the 2005 season The Oprah Winfrey Show began Oprah's Wildest Dreams Come True...Oprah and her staff said that they were ready to make huge dreams come true.  Oprah asked viewers and members of her web site to submit their Wildest Dreams...

We have submitted our Wildest Dream to Oprah and her staff...and its a BIG one...Imagine billboards across every major highway in our country that say:
Dear Oprah & Team~

My name is Kristin...I have a dream and it is a BIG one, a dream that I KNOW is possible.  I dream everyday of how we can all live in peace on this planet together.  My dream (one of many) is to post billboards on every major highway in the US that say, "WORLD PEACE & HARMONY BEGINS WITH ONE PERSON...YOU!"

We each have the ability (and do so) to send our ripples out into the world.  It is up to us whether those ripples are loving or not.  This is one of my ripples I desire to send out into the world in a BIG way!  The message is strong, yet is intended to gently encourage each who read it to reflect on the personal choices they make in their own lives...World Peace will NEVER be achieved by just one person ~ politician or not.  When we get there, it will be together.

Oprah, everyday I watch people I know struggling with our economy, world events (the war in Iraq) and yes, on the highways of America ~ road rage!  I KNOW that we have the ability to experience a different kind of filled with Laughter, Prosperity, and yes, Peace.  I also understand that to make these kinds of changes in our world we ALL need consistent, positive reminders that it IS possible.

So you see Oprah, my dream is not only for myself, my dream is also a vision for ALL of Humanity.  This message is my way of encouraging each to go within and to find that peace within their own self.  When we experience that Peace within....WE SHINE!...and I KNOW WE CAN!  I would LOVE to experience co-creating this dream with you Oprah!!!

~kristin reese
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Press Release 1/1/05

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Your purchase of Pixel's for Peace will support our Billboard's for Peace project and the placement of our message of Peace beginning all across the United States!
World Peace & Harmony Begins with One Person...YOU!!

Universal Voices of Peace

...Imagine the potential of this message being displayed for every eye to see...Imagine the potential of this message reaching our entire Global Community!

Many of you reading these words have already signed our guestbook and we are thrilled that you have come to visit us at our new site!!  Thank You - Thank You - Thank You for your support, your excitement and your energy!!

We are asking you to read more about this collective dream - to show your support for World Peace by signing our guestbook at the bottom of this page.  We know that many in our world also dream of Peace...Help us to make it a reality!!

We will continue to send e-mails inviting Oprah and her staff to view these pages and to see how many people there are in our world supporting, energizing and creating this dream becoming a reality.  We also invite you to go to Oprah's web site and post your messages on her message board for the Wildest Dreams series...

PLEASE - FORWARD THIS PAGE TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!  These billboards becoming a reality will be a huge Ripple fo Peace, and you and I, we are beginning that ripple here and Now!!

We also submitted a video to The Oprah Winfrey Show.  If it is possible that there are people in the world who do not know who Oprah is - here is a link to her web site where you can learn all about Oprah and the dreams that she is living!!

On November 30, 2004 Kristin Reese sent the first of many submissions to Oprah and her staff...Please read the rest of our submissions on our Blog and feel free to share your comments! (link at bottom of page).