By Carolyn Gregory

The Journey
By Mark Jennings Reese

The Genesis
By Carolyn Gregory
Inspired Poetry
Universal Voices of Peace
By Carolyn Gregory

Imagine a planet where all are working together in
harmony to restore Earth Mother to her
intended state of being... a garden of diversity and
balance where all appreciate her beauty,
gratefully receive her gifts, and honor her
balance and wisdom. 

Imagine governments working together for the
betterment of all humanity, sharing to
integrate higher information with new possibilities, and
opening doors to universal consciousness.

Imagine the Creative Spirit awakened in all. 
Imagine a planet free of fear and motivated by LOVE,
honoring the divinity of ALL.

This is not a dream. This is who we are. 
Imagine and believe in the possibilities...
The Journey
By Mark Jennings Reese

In the Final Analysis
There is but One Journey
The Journey from Life to Life
From Existence to Constant Existence
From Universe to Universality
From the Beginning
To the Endlessness of Eternity

In the Final Analysis
There is but One Journey
The Journey of the Spirit
I AM the Spirit
Alas, I AM the Journey
The Genesis
By Carolyn Gregory

In the beginning was NOW.   This harmonious vibration created thought and LIGHT was manifest. The LIGHT was Source and was ONE with ALL in Harmony and LOVE.  This LOVE was UNCONDITIONAL, honoring all it's parts and its completeness. Universal consciousness, the collective GOD, released the sparks of CREATION.  They flew joyfully into time and space to manifest and create.  Thought created matter.  The experiment was born.

How separate, yet connected, could thought create itself?  The journey from Source, from GOD, began.

Yet LIGHT understood itself as it gifted Free Will unto itself.  Encoded in every spark was remembrance..the Unity ~ the Oneness ~ the Joy. It also created the plan that, no matter how far from Source it became, there would be that moment of reunion ~ of coming Home ~ bringing with it all that it had learned and even greater LIGHT.  It would be a time of rejoicing, a time when ALL of CREATION would expand, when all dimensions would reconnect in conscious celebration of the Creator within.  It would be a time when Unconditional LOVE would manifest throughout ALL of CREATION with awareness and intention.

And so Earth Mother was created ~ a garden of Eden, a place of beauty and co-CREATION, a magnificent physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual expression of GOD and LOVE.

Darkness and voids manifest themselves as well, creating the illusion of separation from Source.  Many joined the experiment on Earth where Free Will had been granted with unparalleled permission.  The LIGHT and the Darkness intermingled, enmeshed themselves, created dichotomies and contrasts.  The magnetics shifted.  Ego lost its original purpose to protect its partnership with Unconditional LOVE.  Fear was born.  It became the platform, the initiator...all seemed hopeless, lost.   Separation from Source was complete in its illusion.  The experiment had been a success and now it was time to go Home, to return to the Fire of Creation.

Encoded in the DNA was remembrance.  Forgotten plans to bring ALL into the LIGHT were activated.   People began to honor the Earth and its creatures.  Governments began their negotiations for Peace.  Helping hands reached out to the poor and needy.  Religions came together to find common ground.  Many acknowledged the Christed energy and the Universal Truths of Love and Harmony, which had been taught by many Masters and held within their separate enclaves.  Universal truth and compassion began to emerge.

Synchronicity and seeming coincidence brought many together.  Committed to raising the conscious vibration of the Universe and honoring ALL cultures and belief systems, they gathered in prayer, in meditation, in discussion, in play and in LOVE.

And so the journey HOME was brought into the conscious remembrance of ALL.   The sparks of CREATION danced joyfully up the spiral to their Hearts and GOD.